Performers on stage with puple lighting, focus on one woman gleefully tapping another woman on the stomach - she is not impressed.

I am an artist, of sorts.


Not your paintbrush-wielding-kaftan-swishing-cigarette-smoking kind however, more just your local frizzy haired fat lady who loves to make, create, perform and act.

I work inclusively in movement, performance and art to explore and play around tailored themes dependent on participant’s needs. I believe everyone has the capacity to create if given the space, tools, confidence and opportunity.

Sound like your Kinda thing?

Recent Stuff I've done:

Apr 22, Workshop Facilitator, Easter Youth Theatre, Theatre by the Lake

Mar 22, Artist, Open Space, Theatre by the Lake - Scratch Night

Feb 22, Workshop Facilitator, Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery

Sep-Jan 21/22, Theatre Lead Artist, Prism ARTs

Sep-Jan 21/22, Youth Theatre Lead Artist, Prism ARTs

Nov-Dec 21, Stage Manager, Shared Experience, Sleeping Beauty - tour

Sep-Oct 21, workshop facilitator, the Promise Opera

Feb-Aug 20, Facilitator / Creative Practitioner, Wobble Club

Jan-Mar 20, Assistant director, UoCIA, Girlfriends

A fat white woman with glasses and brown hair tied back looks to the left. Her arms are outstretched dramatically and she wears a billowy mauve shirt and loose black pants so you know she's a drama type.