Wanna get WET?!

My answer is always yes please, and before your mind goes to the gutter, not like that. Well, I mean if the offer's there - maybe, but I'm thinking more in the classic, watery, splashy sense.

I have such an affinity with water, I bloody love the stuff. I need to get better at drinking it through the day buuuuttt I can't get enough of it. There's something magic in water that draws me in and I find myself perplexed by it's undulations, ripples, waves, glittering light reflections, gentle laps at a shore and powerful coursing rapids.

I love it so much that I'm often found in lakes in just my skivvies (see my previous post re: Swimming) and when not submerged, walking alongside bodies of water, watching, yearning to be part of the action and mystery. I Can't really put my finger on what it is that's so special but I want to keep trying to find out.

I have even started to write a show about it. Yeah - a theatre show about water, wetness, swimming and all the weirdness and baggage I bring to that (wavering mental health, the turning thirty turmoil and a bucket of tears to boot). I was lucky enough to get to show a work in progress at Theatre by The Lake's Open Space scratch night event in March.

A fat white woman with long dark hair and red headband peers wears a green camouflage coat. Her hands touch the sides of a red basin and paper is seen beside it. She is mid performance, against a black background.

I performed alongside three other talented female cumbrian artists and although mine was certainly the most scratchiest (see script on stage and pen in hair in image above!) I had so much fun and felt so alive for my fifteen minutes on stage. the team at TBTL were all so warm, welcoming and accepting of my buffoonery (see image below) and the audience were just absolutely awesome. they gave me loads of food for thought for how to develop the piece so, ya know.. watch this very damp space... (imagine me winking at you in this outfit.)

A fat white woman with long dark hair, wearing black spandex with a red bikini on top, one red opera glove, one red sock, a swimming cap and goggles dances across a black space. A chair is seen in the foreground and more red accessories in the background.

Gonna keep writing, splooshing, crying and generally titting about in the interim. Keep checking in on my socials @kategregsonuk to see how I'm getting on.

Til next time, Kate x