Swimming? Yes, Swimming!

So, I have a hobby.

I know, showing off right?!

But it's actually something I've stuck with for over a year and it's actually brought me so much joy. And yes, it's bloody wild swimming.

Shot of the shimmering, almost still lake with rolling hills on the horizon and beautiful blue sky with fluffy white clouds. A figure in black is walking out into the water leaving a deep rippling V behind her, ready to swim.

I know, I know.

It's got very middle-class-white-lady vibes but it has been a bit of a saviour between the Panny-D, the world closing down and my wavering mental health.

I went and met some ladies off the internet way back when and I've been hooked ever since. The thrill of the cold, overcoming the fight or flight instincts and quieting some of the raucous noise in my head is quite simply magical.

I swim in various lakes in the Lake District (I know, I am truly so lucky) and would love to tick them all off. I have also had a quick pootle in a couple rivers and a reservoir.. or two! Shhh!

Woman (white, glasses, dark hair in a pony tail with navy coat, black trousers and matching coral trainers and backpack) climbing over gate that clearly states danger, no swimming. But she's got a backpack on full of swim gear.

I am also taking part in this year's Polar Bear Challenge. I am doing the Actric level which means I will be swimming at least 3000 metres each month between 1st November and the 31st March in just my swimming costume! Nothing Else! it's going to be a bit cold!

I'm not doing it alone however. I am being joined by my trusty Merforce swim bud, Katie. We have both found a love for all things wet and chilly and can't wait to embark on this journey together. You can catch up with our escapades on instagram @katieandKateswim.

We have also decided to raise some money for our local branch of mind. Carlisle and Eden Mind are in need of crucial funds to keep providing local services and seeing as swimming has really boosted our mental health, we felt it was only right to give back. We have started a just giving page where you can donate or you can come join us and cheer us on!

Two ladies (both white. left - tall, fat, hands behind back. Right, shorter, arms by side, holding pink safety float) beaming lakeside with blue 'Mind' charity t-shirts.

How about having a dip yourself?

We are always welcoming to budding cold water enthusiasts.

Oh mama! See you in the water.

x Kate