It's all gone bananas..

four vertical images of Kate, wearing a pale blue jumper, pink knot headband and purple ombre glasses, eating a banana posed somewhat like Mt. Rushmore. She has a daft expression in every one.

So I might have lied a little on my previous post. What did 2020 naive November me know anyway? Things have changed. Quite a bit. I'm still at Prism arts and enjoying the role there but other than that, I have failed to uphold the 'things in the pipeline' brief and the 'keeping creative' malarkey certainly fell by the wayside. However I don't feel completely terrible about it like I might have used to. I, like you all of course, have been surviving and existing in a pandemic and I'm pretty pleased to be here at this point in time with my head just about still screwed on (even if it is still a little loose). Things went a bit bananas with the old pandemmy and my mental health certainly had a wobble too. However I'm pleased to say things are feeling fresher now. Spring is in the air, I'm swimming at least once a week in the cool embrace of the finest Lake District waters and I'm eating my five a day, and then some. I'm also medicated which isn't something I'd maybe once have shared, but it's truly doing me the world of good and I feel just like silly old me again, trundling about doing whatever, enjoying things a little more and taking selfies of me eating a banana during a work meeting just because it made me chuckle. Here's to more potassium fuelled work affairs and even more chuckles; however and wherever they come from. x Kate