For the love of theatre

Ah man I love theatre.

I was fortunate enough to be asked just before Christmas to help out on a local touring production of Sleeping Beauty by Shared Experience and directed by Lexie Ward. I was stage Manager for this production and as soon as I stepped into the rehearsal room, I remembered how much I love and miss being involved with theatre. The smell of the costumes, the heat of the lights and even the sound of LX tape being stretched out to mark the floor - it's all the magic that makes theatre so alive.

Beautiful image of Rosie (left, white, crouched, leaning on a large bobbin) looking at Mum (right, hands touching heart, in red and gold jumper.) A string of white houses hang behind them, in front of the magical glittering princess bed with netting that goes up out of shot. The light is pink, green and soft.


AND how could you NOT want to be involved when the set is this beautiful and twinkly?!

It really made me think about how I want to move forward with my own career and what I would like to explore beyond my own training. I've never really fully truthfully actually given theatre a proper go - and I think now's the time. It just reminded me so much that I blinking love theatre and want to do it some more. I want to be able to look back at some point in the future and at least be able to say I tried, I gave it a bloody good go.

I love theatre and the performing world so much and I'd be doing a disservice to myself if I didn't at least TRYYYYy. What's the harm in trying - right?

2022 is going to be the year of exploration; the year of probably quite a lot of trials and errors, most definitely a year that's going to be turbulent and unsure but it will almost certainly be the most exciting and self affirming one yet.

Bring it on.

Producer - Conrad Lynch Director - Lexie Ward

Designer - Lu Herbert

LX Designer - Paul Russel

Sound Designer - Mark Webber

Movement Director - Sian Williams

Stage Management - Kate Gregson (me!), Jack Dunn

Tour Technician- Seumus MacKinnon

Filming - Film on the Brain

Cast- Coral Sinclair, Eliza Beth Stevens

Production Company Shared Experience, We Are Team

This production was in partnership with the University of Cumbria. Funded by the Department of Education, Eden District Council and supported by At the Helm.

Whatever 2022 brings, let's face it with excitement.

KAte x